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I have read in Soune's Biography that Creem magazine once asked Buk to write a review of a Rolling Stones concert. Buk did it but as rock'n'roll was not his cup of tea, he inserted in his article considerations about horses races and concluded by asserting that it was much more pleasant to listen to Beethoven than to Mick Jagger.

I would like to read this review. Is it available here within a thread ?
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That was "Jaggernaut" published by Beat Scene in 1997 (?) as a little chapbook. It was originally called "Jaggernaut: Wild Horse on a Plastic Phallus" in the October 1975 issue of Creem.

I believe that it is also in the new book from City Lights that was edited by David Calonne?

hmm. well, if you click on "words" on the left of the page, the story is there as well. as bill stated, it's called "jaggernaut"...
I had completely forgotten this thread !

I was reading the Bob Bylan's topic where somebody asked about this review when I suddenly remembered that I myself was curious about it some time ago...

Thanks to you all for your answers !

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