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Bullshit ebay Listing (1 Viewer)



This one pissed me off for four reasons.

1) It overlooks most of the writing and just pigeon holes Bukowski as a cartoon character.

2) Are there really people who do ebay searches for "loser" or "Alkie". Just a sad attempt.

3) I am not sure how Bukowski could be considered a "loser". He is widely read, widely loved (hated by some, sure), died pretty famous and wealthy and continues to inspire new generations of writers. He is not selling poor copies of books on ebay...

3) the book is in shit shape.

If this person is on this forum then I apologize for calling you out, but c'mon.......

sadly, by bookseller terms that actually is VERY GOOD. GOOD means that all of the pages are included, but that the binding has completely fallen apart and pages have come loose. POOR means that someone may have wiped with a few pages...

Every day is opposite day....

Then it is considered a premium like the $1700 McDonalds napkin signed to Steve Richmond.

Proposed ebay listing:

Bukowski - Women RARE Book with Author DNA

Own a unique piece of Bukowski memorabilia. This book is in very poor shape with stains on the cover. I was told by the seller (who knew the author very well), that Bukowski set his beer on this book. Also, on page 43 is a booger. My friend said that Bukowski was drunk and picking his nose, while reading chapters to him. After my friend left, he saw the booger and has kept it preserved on page 43 ever since. This copy was published by Ecco Press, who published all of the books by this author. Cash and money orders only. NO PAYPAL. Please add $15 for safe shipping. All sales final and no returns are accepted.

I think that I'm bored. I wish that I could blame it on being drunk, but I'm sober. Sad, just sad...

Fuck the booksellers' parlance, that book is in "Fair" condition to me. I've seen dumps from our dogs that look better than that. But, no matter. The issue here is the seller's attitude about Buk. He/she has no fucking clue; just trying to appeal to idiots, of which there are a multitude. God bless fucking Capitalism.:mad:
My copy looks like that. I got mines used from Powell's for even more than that. But I'll pay cuz I like to support Powell's. Still that's quite a generous "very good" rating on the part of the seller.

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