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I hope so. There is nothing better than people controlling their future. Funny that the posts are running 99% against him leaving. We in the US want democracy only that we create. That way we can create it with a christian puppet leader under the guise of democracy. Seems that the teabaggers don't want to see any country of brown people rule themselves for the fear that they will become "islamist". It is funny that a followers of a party that want to enforce a religious government complain about the idea of a country being taken over by people that may be religious. The only difference between the taliban and the tea party is the name that they call the god they worship. Otherwise, it is impossible to tell them apart.
Most democracies in the world involve giving people the opportunity once every four years or so to vote for one of two or three parties. The elected party (or parties as we have here right now) then proceed to piss everyone off until we get the chance to get rid of them and replace them with an opposition party who will then do the same. Our only voice is in deciding what shit faced liar we get to pop up at fancy dinner parties abroad. In a real democracy we would have a say in policy making, not just who gets to make them.

The Russians still struggle with the concept of 'democracy', and as with other former communist countries, some still long for the old days. Democracy doesn't solve problems it just gives a legitimate face to oppression and takes the spot light off of deep rooted problems that do not cease to exist with the end of a dictatorship.

The West may learn from it's mistakes, or it may just continue the cycle and create another Taliban. But that's another story.

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