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You know me, I like your stuff. It was very nice that you mentioned Christopher Cunningham in there with Bukowski. By the way, "Who the fuck is Harry Calhoun?" Nice interview.
I see that Thunder Sandwich is mentioned there. I thought that Jim C. got out of the poetry business after comments like this (from a mass e-mail that he sent out):

"I'm just sick of being plastered by ranting from moonbats who couldn't find their fucking asses with both hands. I know, it's cool to be a liberal activist--I used to be one too, when I was a dumbass kid and didn't know better. But I came to realize that the real world was a whole lot different from all that phony idealist shit. I want every one of you liberal cocksuckers to delete me from your mailing lists"


"Take all your silly ass conspiracy theories and Halliburton nightmares over to Kos or MoveOn, where likeminded idiots will appreciate it. But don't fuck with this hillbilly anymore. Jim Chandler"

This was about 6 months after he told me, via e-mail, in no uncertain terms, to not e-mail him with any of my announcements and remove him off of my "spam" list. Ben Hiatt was another one who really went from being liberals to being very, very angry war-loving neocons. Strange really.

But back to the point, I think that he shut Thunder Sandwich down when there was a lack of decent poetry about Jesus, War, Guns, & Lower taxes for the wealthy. Plus, he seems to have a way of rejecting people whose writing he does not like by insulting them. A real winner...

Sorry to take this off topic and apologies if this guy is a friend to anyone here.

i love it when people accuse the company i work for for "spamming" them with product info, etc. when they signed up for our mailing list. it happens all the time, and i find it hilarious how outraged people get.
Plus, he seems to have a way of rejecting people whose writing he does not like by insulting them. A real winner...
Hey Bill, would be the last to say that Jimbo doesn't have his raw side. But I seem to recall that Neeli Cherkovski and Charles Bukowski used to get drunk and read poetry submissions to their magazine and they would smear the ones they didn't like with eggs and beer and try to set them on fire. A bit on the insulting side, I would say ... and let's not forget that being an asshole and being a poet are NOT mutually exclusive.

Sorry you had bad experiences with Jim ... mine were pretty much all positive.

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