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I love the mans stories, read all his novels, a book of poems, one of short stories, watched the 4 hour documentary, the 2 hour one. Yet, for all the times I've fantasized about sharing a beer with the crazy, I wonder what he must have really been like. Maybe from a wiser perspective, who do you think the man behind the legend really was? Was he a misanthrope, or a "Bluebird"? He had style, did he have class?
He had style, class, intense charisma, was offensive, rude, charming, smarter than hell, manipulative, frightening, lovable -- and more in person, and I hardly knew him (just met him a few times). And yes, he might spit on you or want to duke it out in the alley.
I think Bukowski was most likely a little of both
he liked to drink alone and pretend he wasn't home putting socks under his door to block the light coming from his room.
having people around made him drink and do and say what he couldn't say when he was straight. Like kicking their asses or insulting them.
he was probably a "blue bird" too and kept the blue bird hidden, if he'd let him out he would drown him in whiskey.
He easily cried.
He got a lot of it backwards. He could have easily as been a joymongering misanthrope. In fact, maybe he was...I certainly am.

Bukowski - was a bag of contradictions. Ambiguous...for all his clarity. a tough boy, and a thoroughly observant and sensitive human being.

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