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Can you top the ugliness of this shirt... (1 Viewer)


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Has anyone ever seen such an ugly depiction of Buk for sale? I mean, is the seller mistaking someone else and listing it as Buk? Geez.

it looks better inside out and it looks like garbage at its best.

If anyone buys it, I will get on my fixie and ride to their place to beat them merciless about the head and face....

I've seen many ugly depictions of Buk for sale, and this one clearly ranks among the ugliest.
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yeah, but it's retro vintage!

that means it's....uh...an old copy of, uh, something even older that doesn't, can't exist in this era before now, unless it is redone by people with time machines, which would make it...

wait, what the hell does retro vintage mean?
well the depiction also says it's punk, what does punk mean again! Wait, the history says 3 sold! Bill, you might have some riding and beating to do!
I too was going to point you to "retro vintage punk".
This obviously gives the seller a good reason (spell: excuse) to do it this way.
So no one should be surprised about the looks of it.
When I think of retro punk style (especially when it comes to poor Buk depicted as such) I think of being bare-footed skateboarding listening to Rudimentary Peni. Early 80's and what a blast! - we regarded ugly as beautiful then. We were better off in our carefree days.

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