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i only have a german version of a certrain poem by bukowski. the german ones suck and i need to read the english ones. cannot figure out / find this one though:

he describes four old people, two women, two men, playing a game by the sea, 18 or 20 are sitting in the sun, watching them.
he is waiting for his car to be repaired.
there is an old cannon, later he wishes he could point and fire it at them.

"they make me sick, how they just wait for death, with the equability of traffic lights"

there is a part where he describes the people as "those who believe every ad, have grandsons and daughters, vote, never miss a funeral". as "the dead, the smog, the smell in the air". as "almost all of mankind".
he goes on: the seagulls are worth more than they are, even the dirty sand is.

the poem ends with:
"they make me sick."

again, those are not literal parts out of the poem, i merely tried to translate them into english. i hope i did not do too bad and someone of you will be able to help me, maybe even provide the whole english poem.

thank you!
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I guess hank solo might have the reference you need readily available on an active
synapse. Hang tight.

As to the user name, mjp may be able to do something with that. He's magical.

That would be traffic signals (from Love is a Dog from Hell)


they disgust me
the way they wait for death
with as much passion
as a traffic signal.
Ifnotnot(W)when... meet hank solo.. resident "knower of everything". kind of like our own wizard of oz.. if you ask many questions about poems or books, you'll get to know him well......( oh yeah, watch yourself around him, he's some type of athority figure or sumpin....just between you and me ya'no?)
next time you look for a poem in german, name the title and the book/page. there are a few cats from germany here, who might be able to help.

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