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This one will be ready to ship on 1/21/11.

Carol Es - Monsters on Jasmine St.
Poems and drawings. (20pp). Contains 5 poems and 5 drawings, printed in full color.
Cover is letterpress printed in two colors. Book measures 7" wide x 8.5" tall.

Limited to an edition of 86 copies;
10 Deluxe hardcover signed & illustrated copies in custom slipcase ($100 + shipping),
26 signed & lettered hardcover copies ($30 + shipping), &

50 paperback copies ($10 + shipping.)



Because of pre-orders and standing orders, the deluxe with slipcase edition is nearly sold out. The other hardbacks will be around a little longer, but these will sell out before they are ready to ship. If interested, please visit my website or email me at [email protected].
Only 13 hardcovers left and the Deluxe slipcase hardcover edition is sold out. Paperback copies still available.

All orders ship on 1/21/11.

all orders ship on 1/21/11. Thanks . found my answer . So, good mail soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gettin' smarter by the minute.
well... not so fast. A minor delay. Paperbacks will ship on 1/21/11. The hardcovers will ship about a week later.

That'll teach me to make such a solid deadline!

All the books were mailed. The last ones to go out were the deluxe copies, which went out on Monday, so everyone should have received theirs already... If not, please let me know.

I still have about a half dozen signed hardcovers and about 20 paperbacks for anyone just now kicking themselves for not adding one of these to your collection...

Thanks for your support!

can you post some pictures of the deluxe? i love my HC, but i want to torture myself for not splashing out for the slipcased copy.
I can take pix of all of them, but my camera needs to charge overnight and I've lost the light I need for today. I'll do it in the late morning tomorrow. :)
got mine today, just finished reading it.

very strong cycle of poems, the Bicentennial one and the last poem being standouts for me.

the artwork is fantastic, but I've already come out as a Carol Es fan so it's no surprise that I like it.

Bill continues to fashion his magic book mojo.


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