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In Pulp the character (the name escapes me) drove an old vw beetle. Then I noticed that Buk had one himself in a photo on this site. I thought hell ya! I also have a old vw bug. Not only was he a great writer, but he knew what a good car is. Best car ever that old vw. I just took mine from Denver Colorado to Burlington New Jersey and back this month. Yup a good car indeed. Yes sir good writers must be attracted to those bugs. That is of course why Buk and I drove/drive one. I suggest all of you go out and fix up and old bug (none of that cut it up baja crap!) So that your true literary potential can come out in its fullest. Its the car I know it is.

Hey so did he play the accordion or what? I wonder because of the picture above. The accordian just so happens to be my favorite instrument to listen to. So there you have it, accordions + vw beetles = good writers.

(Im actually the most retarded writer I have ever run into... Wait, I take that back. There is also the guy who wrote Fight Club. Anyone ever read his books? They are all EXACTLY the same. Well I guess in reality I suck more than him too. Damn...)
I don't drive. Maybe one day I will. Peot's should never drive.

The accordion? Are you talking about the picture of Bukowski in the left hand corner of the screen??? That is a typewriter!

Chuck Palahniuk wrote Fight Club (i have never read it) but I hear he is supposedly a Great fiction writer....funny, that you should say he write's the same book all the time...that is a criticism often placed against Bukowski himself. Mind you, if you like the voice, then you could let it talk forever...
Damn! I see that now. Man I thought it must be an instrument because of the way it looks like he is making love to it. I can see how some might think that Buk writes the same book all the time, but they just can't get past his style or subject matter. As Im sure we all know this is not true. But that Chuck guy, the exact same events happen in the same order for the same reasons with the same themes. No joke, its almost worth reading just to see how ridiculously obvious it is, but he is published and I am not so I guess Im supposed to reserve judgment (bitter, bitter).

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