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Carsten Hotenhoff? (1 Viewer)

Yeah, that photo has been auctioned off at least half a dozen times. I assume it's gone unsold each time. If not, there's something fishy going on with Carsten Hotenhoff.
I asked the seller who Carsten is and the relation to BUK and he just said;

I know him personally...

Whatever that means!? Language might be a barrier, it's certainly NOT something I'd spend over $300 on!
Anyone know who is standing to the right of BUK in tha pix??
found out CARSTEN is an 'autograph collector'...
how meaningless is owning an autograph with a guys name on it who's sole purpose of getting the autograph was to turn it around and sell it...?


pretty empty,
still it's the signature, but it's strange to want that.
Of course I understand having something signed to RED, MONTFORT, etc, etc...

A German stranger, not so exciting.
yes, I would never buy this in a million years.

imagine explaining it to friends,

hey tom, who's carston?
yeah uh, I paid an assload of money for this autograph because it looked nice.

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