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Hi all,

Rodger Jacobs (Carver's Dog) is having a major problem with his computer. Some kind of worm got into it and it crashed. He's tried several things but none of them seem to work. He wrote to me from a computer in the community center in his apartment building, and said, "Can you ask in the forum if there are any computer nerds who can phone us and walk us through trying to fix this thing?"

He can't get to because he's waiting for a new password. Anyone want to try to help? Rodger is at *


Thanks ever so to Harry and FL. We are back up and running after 72 hours of computer hell involving layers of tech support at Cox Communications and a clueless Pakistani at McAfee. The upshot was that installing AVG to solve a persistent problem with network timeouts in both IE and Mozilla actually compounded the problem. Uninstalling AVG put us back on track. It was sort of an electronic version of a three-day influenza virus.
did Father Luke fix you up?

i swear that man is a miracle.

my computer was limping and he not only fixed it but made it run better than it ever has.
Yes, Jen, FL was kind enough to phone me and will be sending me a program to hopefully avert future catastrophes. My computer, as FL rightly noted in our pleasant conversation, is my office, without it I am dead in the water. The worst part was that the crash occurred on the day the second book from Trace Publications debuted in its limited run but it appears that the relevant press releases are out there in the media pipeline so all is cool.
You guys are awesome, and by "guys" I mean you too, Vodka. Thanks so much to Father Luke for being the savior again ... maybe it's predestination, eh? Glad that the Dog got his bone back ... :)
Gotta get a Mac if you're gonna be surfin' all that completely free yet barely legal porn. ;)

Glad to see you're back already.
Glad you got fixed up. Just another one of the many reasons we need Father Luke around here.
...and about LTS's comment, it's funny I thought the very same thing.;) It is good to have you here C-dog.
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Maybe its because I have a newborn and don't get much action, but... well, I've yet to get tired of porn...

I suppose there's time. I'll burn myself out eventually.

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