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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
MJP, too bad you sold your Wormwood lot to Parading, or you could have cashed in on this little beauty.

Someone should probably send this to Malone's daughter, if they haven't already reach out to her.
I wonder if they know that some of us put in a good deal of personal time, in conjunction with Christa, to document Wormwood Review:
I guess our Table of Contents work either never got completed or just hasn't made it up there yet. Of course, "document" can mean a number of things. But they must know about the website, right?
Somebody on here should apply for the job. My parole officer says I can't go closer than a mile to a public university, so I'm out of the running...
Chronic and I had several email discussions on how to approach the idiosyncratic differences in poem title/author/dedication formats and he had/has a database of issue, page, author, title. I've got issues 6-16 completed (with some notes that need interpretation) and Chronic or Christa had done issues 1-5. I'm pretty sure a few others here who have full runs were involved in some fashion. For the record, my files are dated from September-November 2009.

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