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I was trying to sort through the four or five versions of this so I could update the recordings list, and I figured while I was at it I would scan the original cassette sleeve. It's got some good info regarding the recordings.


(I see now that most of this text is on the CDR versions of this, so this might be redundant.)
Thanks mjp! I've never seen those discs before, but I do have the King of Poets disc so I guess I already have the content of both discs, thank God.
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Just thought I'd clarify - the two discs above are not the same version of the recordings. The second one you see there, Cassette Gazette Special, is a cleaner, brighter recording than the NOLA Express copy above it, or the King of Poets CD.

Cassette Gazette Special sounds like an exact copy of the tape, and while it's clearer, it does have some "crackling" kind of sounds at various points. Kind of like the sound of a scratchy vinyl LP, but the recording was never pressed to vinyl, so the sounds must be electronic (crappy microphone wire?).

In any event, I'd recommend finding the "clean" version if you can, the other available versions sound terrible.
The cassette has 26 titles and there's only 24 on the CD. No. 7 on the cassette is called, "Now I'm Having My Cigarette", but it's not listed on the CD just like, "A Warm Afternoon Just Off Sunset Boulevard", is'nt. So, I guess, "Now I'm Having My Cigarette" is the other one missing from the CD.
It also looks like some titles have changed names on the CD. The last two titles on the CD are, "Bad", and, "Bukowski Says Goodbye", but they are not listed on the cassette, just like the last one on the cassette called, "Down Like Stairways", is'nt listed on the CD.
Some of the available recordings are mis-labeled or have incorrect or incomplete titles. When I added the recordings to the database I corrected those errors, so the database won't always match the track listings on things.

So, I guess, "Now I'm Having My Cigarette" is the other one missing from the CD.
That's not a poem, it's just Bukowski talking. It's on the CD, at the end of "A Northern Acquaintance."

I just listened to the King of Poets track "Like That," and "A Warm Afternoon Just Off Sunset Boulevard" is on that track. At about 1:15 you hear him read the title and the poem. There wasn't much space between the end of "Like That" and the beginning of "A Warm Afternoon Just Off Sunset Boulevard," so whoever split up the tracks for King of Poets just missed the fact that it's two poems and not one.
I don't think "bukowski says goodbye" is a poem.

It's just him signing off at the end of the tape.

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