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I spent the weekend listening to the Buk Hostage CD (thank you Roni) and read the poetry review posted today (thank you Scar) then found this in the NYT today (all of this while at work too!)

I thought as poetry readings worked for BUk (insert any poet) couldn't this interaction work for poets too, or more to the point could the most media/culture savvy poet have the best chance of securing an living from their work by using this described medium to reach an audience(regardless of their talent).

I then thought how an enterprising media savvy person could offer to manage a community of like minded persons who have don' have media skills but talent.
it seems the publisher/promoter label may be shifting merging. We cn debate about whether this is a good thing or not...still this new interaction between artist and audience exists and (I think) artists have an obligation to at least investigate the potential.

I suppose the one example that immediately springs to mind would be the Brutalists who have been using myspace extensively to promote their words, most of these writers are also connected to 3AM Magazine.

I guess this also opens up the debate about the merits of online zines

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