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Good morning every one,
So Purple Stickpin suggested I come along to newblood and say hello else I be reprimanded.
As a first time reader of Buk only 2 hours ago I am interested in the fellowship.
Saw the Factotum movie last night, or should I say only the last 35 minutes of the film but that was enough for me to think to myself "I like this guy!"
I must admit to being a little surprised by the actual time line of events stated in as compared to the film.
So I need to do a little reading in the next few day to find out why I instantly empathised and identified with the character Matt Dillon portrayed.
Before I exemplify my ignorance any further I will bid you a fond Ade for the moment and get back when I'm back on my own computer and can personalise my profile a little.
What ever happens enjoy the day,

NB: still around for an hour or so if any one can answer my question, thanks.
You've come across as a very sincere Buk fan in the making. You should understand that some new users show up here demanding information and being not too sincere about it. You've been the exact opposite, so welcome (again).

If you check things out in your thread, Hank Solo has been the genie who doth posess and impart the answer to your inquiry.
Hi Transparency. Welcome to the forum. We have a section on the movie Factotum, so I moved your question over there. Oh and I answered it too :D How's that for service?

I recommend you pick up a copy of the novel 'Factotum' which is much better than the rather sl-o-w movie. I think most if not all of the poetry used in the film comes from a collection called 'what matters most is how well you walk through the fire' which I would also recommend.

Happy reading!
Thank you so much Sir.
I did notice that title you mention this morning when I was scrolling through Buk works.
There is a good friend & avid substance user like my self that would benefit from those eclectic commissioning of words.
Moving with haste to see that gathering in full accuracy.
Kindest regards,
Welcome to the forum, Transparency!
You seem to have what it takes to become a Buk nut like the rest of us, namely a sincere interest in the words of Buk. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Not everybody likes Factotum the movie (I do!), but as long as it gets people interested in Buk, it serves a purpose.
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Your 9-to-5 job is strangling the life right out of you, Transparency. You are opposed to war and the deadening effect of workng forty and forty-eight hour weeks at something you don't want to do and, deep down, you're opposed to marriage, the trap of it. You were born into a world of hydrogen and nuclear bombs and you know that the entire world functions on fear. And so, you drink and, in secret, to assuage your pain, you are the great fucker of the whores on Alvarado Street.

That's why you empathised and identified.

welcome, this is a wonderful site.
you are in luck.

We are a little jealous, since a beautiful adventure is about to start for you. Months of great reading!

we are looking for crumbs.

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