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Anyone know who cccpc007 is on eBay? He seems to bid on every Bukowski paperback that comes up for sale, regardless of condition. And he sells just as many. And not for great profit. So I don't get it. He must have a storage shed full of Bukowski books in various stages of disrepair and decay...
I think that another member mentioned that some of his titles were labeled as BSP when they were, in fact, ecco editions.

It does seem odd because after the ebay fees, there cannot be any profit.

I have bought books from this seller, seems to be an alright guy, and yes one time a couple of books that I bought were ecco that were advertised as BSP. after I contacted him and explained that he should correctly descibe the books because some folks want BSP only, he gladly refunded my $ and thanked me for the info. I think that he was just using e-bays discriptions which always list the titles as BSP. I don't know why he buys and sells so many at little profit. maybe he just likes to have his hands on Bukowski stuff or maybe just bored?
Back in November I bid on a hardcover of Burning in Water on ebay.
Someone beat me to it but didn't pay up, and only after spending the money, was I offered a second chance to buy it.
Well it went up again and because I was working mr. ccpc got it for about five
bucks less than I would paid for it two weeks before.
A week later he put it up, the same exact book, and I bought it for two dollars
more than I would have paid originally, but with his shipping being 3 bucks lower
than the other seller's, it evened out on my end.
I think he made a buck or two.

I'm glad there are other weirdos out there like me, because I often
wondered the same thing about that guy.
Santa Cruz, CA, United States
Fucker is in my backyard!

I mean,
The Gentleman seems to reside in fairly close proximity to me.
Ebay profile of cccpc007

All About Me

What everyone should know about me

my ebay name is cccpc007- i am a money manager,with investments world-wide.i retired t i love ebay it is a hobby of mine. i love books that help develop the mind,body,and soul. all book i have for sale will enrich your life i believe,as it has me.

Things I sell

i sell, and collect book on human development, and spirituality. part of all my yearly ebay sales, goes to charity, and the homeless.i believe in helping those reach their dreams in life, as i have been so blessed, its a pleasure to give back to others on their journey in life.may everyone find their own purpose in life.

Things I buy

i buy anything from books, cars, paintings, antique furniture. paintings by william dekooning, robert motherwell, franz klien, stan gaz, hedda sterne, yolanda sanchez, joan mitchell, and other emerging artist, and writers.

Things I collect

i also collect jewlery, bikes, coins, and paintings, rare watches, and motorcycles.

Languages spoken:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish



body building, meditating, flying, skiing, mountain climing, bike racing. reading.

Favorite Books

all wayne dyer, bhagwan shree rajneesh, eckhart tolle, gary zukav, steinbeck, charles bukowski, dylan thomas, john keats, marianne moore, frank ohara, and elizabeth bishop.

Favorite Movies

bar fly, midnight cowboy, ghandi, 48 hours, plans-trains-automobiles, and back to the future.

Favorite Music/Bands

pearl jam, ministry.james brown, tony bennet, al green, frank sinatra, sammy davis.jr, prince, and steeley dan.

Favorite TV Shows

seinfeld, csi, friends, and happy days.

Business Information


business-money managment.wall street-silicon valley venture capitalist,writer,investment researcher,and artist.
Anyone know who cccpc007 is on eBay? ...

OK, now I'm confused.... have we actually answered this question? Ponder, is this actually you? or um..... I thought that you were in europe or someplace like that. :confused:
I don't think it's ponder, the cccpc007 guy is in California. I bought a copy of Dangling from him a long time ago that he described as "fine," and said (as he usually does) "you will not be disappointed!" When it arrived it was the filthiest, most fucked up book I've ever seen. Heh.

Anyway, that aside, eBay seems like a poor way to make $2 or $3 here and there. After eBay and PayPal fees - and your time - you just lose money on those small sales.
maybe he is what he writes.
and maybe he just wants to buy them cheap, read them, then give 'em back to the public without intentions on profit.

strange person anyway.
One clumsy sentence and I am nailed to a cross to die in the fires of hell like the baby jesus!


Fixed it.
CCCP sent me an e-mail.

He's really some kind of Buddhist and his wacky utterances are sincere.

He believes his own press.
Okay, what with the strange Ponder doppleganger post, and then all the edits, I am utterly baffled. Not an unfamiliar state for me. Maybe the guy (whoever he is) just enjoys the social interaction of emails from buyers. Or, he's a wrapping fetishist. Personally, I try not to eBay anything I think will bring less than $50. Too much bother.
Hi David,

Will give you more clearness, don't be bothered by the teasers;)

If you go to ebay and klick on "community" type a user, type the security number or whatever and the link I've posted appears.
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