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Hello guys, long time no talkie, but decided to de-lurk for a bit to post these Céline interviews which are pure gold in case you're a fan.

UBUWEB also carries the transcripts of the videos for our non-French talking brothers.

Check it out:

Personally, I love this resource for rare and valuable poetry and music.
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I'd say: Platine Pur!!!

Thanks José!!!

How did you find it?
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on writers...

I'm only interested in those who have a style; if they don't have style, they don't
interest me. And it's rare, style, it's rare. But stories, stories are filling up the
streets; I see them everywhere, the police station is full of them, the court is full of
them, your lives are full of them. Everyone has a story, a thousand stories.
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Thanks for the link... what a great site. I can tell that I'll be spending some time there.

Here's another link from the same site for Captain Beefheart fans, that is, if there are any Beefheart fans around these parts.

Think I'll go listen to Trout Mask Replica now.
Thank you! Captain Beefheart is an old curiosity of mine. I found him a few weeks after finding his old producer Frank Zappa. H Chinaski will enjoy that too.
I check out this website all the time, there is some wonderful content available there.

When I saw the Céline interviews, being a reader of his work I immediately thought of posting it here, because I think there is a definite overlapping of some Bukowski fans and Céline readers.

A controverse artist, I think he got more punishment than he deserved because of some unfortunate work of his, and when the rest of the intelligentsia decided to give him a break and show him as a definitive original voice in French Literature, they didn't quite make it in time.
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Here's another link from the same site for Captain Beefheart fans

Thanks, chronic! I'm a bit interested in Captain Beefheart although I'm more of a Zappa fan. I've got Trout Mask Replica. There's some good tracks there, but I prefer the Bongo Fury album, a collaboration between him and Zappa...
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