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Has anybody else come across published poems by Buk that have had expletives in them removed?

I was listening to an early recording of Buk reading one of his poems, while I was following it in a book (published by Black Sparrow) and found some of the swearing in it removed.

I wrote to John Martin and asked him why this was happening, I asked him if it was to increase the sales of Buk books, particularly in schools.

By way of a response, John sent me a nice load of stuff: a large poster of the Buk, and some other paraphernalia. In his written part of the response, he stated that I had: 'an eagle eye'.



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John Martin did you the dubious favor of "cleaning up" and dumbing down every Bukowski collection released after Bukowski was conveniently too dead to complain. Which is half of them, for anyone keeping score.

Read this.


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I'm not shy shilling my own video on the subject:
(English subtitles)
That's a great video roni, but wondering, were you getting in a spot of bricklaying? or using them as artistic props - works either way.:)
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thanks Sky.
I've chosen this environment for the video just because I liked it.
But thanks to your response I've realized a writing-error in my post:
It was meant to be self-ironic saying: "I'm NOW shilling my own video...", not "not".


And in the end...
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Bit dodgy with no helmet roni, but it just wouldn't have looked the same. . . but then again? :wb: