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Funny story here in Norway about how pictures in a children's book were censored for publication in the states. John Martin ain't the only editor censoring authors. Except I think the author here was informed about the edits before publication.

Picture before american censorship:


And after the USA had its say:

See some more examples here:

Food for thought as to what Buk was up against with the content of his writing...
(And maybe where JMs horrible edits were coming from.)
The first sentence of that article says that "nudity has become a major taboo among Norwegian children," so it's funny that it somehow became an example of something being wrong In America...but anyway.
And after the USA had its say:
It wasn't "the USA" having a say in anything, it was a U.S. publisher. Just like "the USA" had no say in what Martin did, that was all the work of one prudish fop.

"The USA" doesn't give a shit about a drawing of a little boy pissing, in fact 30 or 40% of them have a cartoon of a little boy pissing on various things they don't like stuck to the back of their cars or trucks.

What you're seeing here is the dumbing down of the world to protect the precious children. Something that is done to a laughable extreme here. It's why the country will be an easy target for conquest 50 years from now. There won't be anyone left here who doesn't cry when the cappuccino order is wrong.

Anyway, this doesn't even make sense because the little girl's underwear is still showing. I don't know what Protector of Children would airbrush the pissing boy and leave the underwear...
From the "about" page of the American publisher whose picture you attached here:

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers began in 1995 [...] Offering board books, picture books, middle readers, novels, nonfiction, and religious titles for children and young adults...

Chalk up another win for JESUS!

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