Centenarian Stew: A Celebration of Charles Bukowski's 100th (1 Viewer)

S.A. Griffin, Iris Berry and Susan Hayden started a video-project to honor Bukowski on his 100th birthday:

"Centenarian Stew: A Celebration of Charles Bukowski's 100th"

Contributors are:

RD Armstrong (Long Beach, CA)
Iris Berry (Los Angeles, CA)
Eve Brandstein (New York, New York + Los Angeles, CA)
Marina Bukowski (Albany, CA)
Peter Carlaftes (New York, New York)
James Cushing (Los Angeles, CA)
Roni (Bamberg, Germany)
Lubbert Jan de Vries (Friesland, Netherlands)
Alexis Rhone Fancher (San Pedro, CA)
Rich Ferguson (Los Angeles, CA)
Michael C Ford (West Los Angeles, CA)
Pleasant Gehman (Los Angeles, CA)
Kat Georges (New York, New York)
S.A. Griffin (Los Angeles, CA)
Jack Grisham (Long Beach, CA)
Hollie Hardy (Oakland, CA)
Susan Hayden (Santa Monica, CA)
William S Hayes (Los Angeles, CA)
Falko Hennig (Berlin, Germany)
Steve Hochman (Santa Monica, CA)
Linda King (St. George, Utah)
Doug Knott (Ojai, CA)
Michael Lally (Maplewood, New Jersey)
Jessica Loos (San Francisco, CA)
Michele McDannold (Meredosia, Illinois)
Allan MacDonell (Los Angeles, CA)
Michael Marcus (Los Angeles, CA)
Richard Modiano (Mar Vista, CA)
Keith Morris (Los Angeles, CA)
Henry Mortensen (Venice, CA)
Harry E Northup (Woodland Hills, CA)
Puma Perl (New York, New York)
Lorraine Perrotta (Los Angeles, CA)
Nadia Bruce Rawlings (Old Hickory, Tennessee)
Bucky Sinister (Los Angeles, CA)
Joan Jobe Smith (Long Beach, CA)
Tate Swindell (San Francisco, CA)
Mason Summit (Los Angeles, CA)
Fred Voss (Long Beach, CA)
Rex Weiner (Los Angeles, CA)
Annette Zilinskas (Los Angeles, CA)

Go to the Library Girl Group on Facebook to view show:
Starts August 11th at 9 AM. Ends August 21st.
Thanks so much for posting this, RONI. Please note, there are two more writers participating in this show: A. Razor (Joshua Tree, CA) and Joel Landmine (Oakland, CA). Susan Hayden is Library Girl, Iris Berry is Punk Hostage Press, S.A. Griffin is Rose of Sharon Press. I encourage everyone to check out this rare international event, presented as individual posts. xSH
Must confess, I'm a little proud: S.A. informed me that they plan to open the whole thing with my video-contribution.

immodest as i am, i've put my own video-contribution to this project online now at youtube.

Here (video-URL = NDPtbjiWCJM):

I've included as many of his facettes, as was possible in only 4 mins:

- me celebrating Hank (0:00-0:12 / 0:36-0:45 / 1:51-1:55 / 2:28-2:41)
- Hank himself, celebrating (0:28-0:36)
- Germany (1:07-1:51)
- unpublished authentic footage (0:12-0:36 / 0:45-1:51 / 1:55--2:25 / 2:41--3:35 / 3:49-4:05)
- family-ties & Love (3:23-3:35)
- drinking (0:36--1:06 / 1:51-1:55 / 2:28-2:41)
- joking/humor (0:28-0:36 / 0:45-1:06 / 1:51-2:05 / 3:49-4:05)
- mock-quote from Barfly (1:51-1:55)
- correct quote from a poem (3:36-3:49)
- classical music (3:36-3:49)
- depression & being wrecked (2:07-3:05)
- the good he does & did (3:07-3:35)
- angels (3:49-4:05)
- okay: horses are missing. sue me.

Please Note:
Feel privileged all right.
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Thanks for the amazing footage Roni. Especially liked the Marina piece. Is there a full version?

Having said that, you're still a fucking Niallist ....

Love you man!

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