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I saw "Old Boy" about two years ago and it just blew my mind. Then, I saw "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance", and I'm about to buy "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance".

I want to see more of him. Suggestions?
I saw Sympathy for Lady Vengeance recently, found it quite good.
I'm also a huge fan of "Old Boy" ! Yeah, shocking, but daring and so aesthetic (the fight scene with the hammer is an anthological one !).

Actually "Three Extremes" is composed of three short films from three asian directors, among whom Chan-Woo Park. His film is entitled "Cut". I haven't seen it yet but it looks tempting.

I've heard of his last film during the Cannes Film Festival in may, it is to release in september in France. "Thirst" or the story of a priest who becomes a vampire after a failed medical experience.
The trailer :

P.S. : Another book suggestion ( :D ;) ) : If you want to read one of the best books about vengeance, try Alexandre Dumas' Count of Monte-Cristo, where vengeance reaches perfection.
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I know! I've read a lot about it... It's on my "to do" list.

"Thirst" looks awsome... I love the color contrast on Chan-Wook Park's movies.
Three...Extremes i recall being good. not great, but entertaining none the less...
I saw "Three Extremes" last night. Park's short film is the best (and the bloodiest) of the three but I was quite disappointed... I was expecting something more extreme. The only thing I liked was the parallel between the introducing scene and one of the last scenes. Then I saw "Wolf Creek" and that was what I call an extreme movie (except the beginning, which is quite slow) !
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