Chance Press: 2nd Edition of "Collecting and Confronting the Works of Luigi Serafini" (1 Viewer)


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Well, enough people emailed us about a 2nd edition of the Serafini chapbook that we decided to make it happen. We've paired the new edition with Abel's book as the first two releases in our new "Chance Press Research" series of books dedicated to critical examinations of literature and art. These two books also comprise our first hardcover releases, so Chance Press fans may want to pick them up for that reason as well.

You can see pictures of the books at if you scroll through the blog postings, although paypal links won't be up until tonight.

Pricing is the same as Abel's book: $7.00 for a trade edition, $14.00 for a signed trade edition, and $28.00 for a hardcover (+ $3.00 shipping to canada or $6.50 international shipping).

The hardcovers will probably go quickly, so if you want to put in an order, just paypal us at [email protected].

Also, hopefully it's okay that I made this a new thread - i wanted to split it off from the old thread, since it really feels like a new book to order, rather than just a reprint of the 1st edition.

Thanks for supporting Chance Press as always!

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