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As I have said before, these folks are the real deal. New Zealand's loss was certainly our gain.

Can someone, when they have time post a list of all Chance Press titles, with limitations?

And don't forget the ultra-rare first, Pre-Justine CHANCE PRESS release by Jordan Hurder!

I have my standing order for one of everything that they do, so I won't be the guy paying 10x the price on abe in a few years...

bill, you are too kind.

to the best of my knowledge, here is the complete history of chance press. the limitations include AP's, presentation copies, author's copies, etc.

-quarter-life, 2007, 20 copies

-upward spiral, 2007, 1 copy

-longridge avenue, 2008, 1 copy

-a common thread, 2009, 50 copies/first edition, 5 copies/special edition, 10 copies/2nd signed edition, 20 copies (approximately)/2nd unsigned edition

-confronting and collecting the works of luigi serafini, 2009, 40 copies/first edition, 10 copies/special edition

-confronting... 2nd edition, 2010, 75 copies/first printing, 22 copies/deluxe hardcover

-the confusion will be enough for them to leave you alone, 2009, 65 copies/first edition, 20 copies/deluxe edition

-an essay about mcsweeney's quarterly..., 2009, 5 copies

-flying wedge no. 2236, 2009, 60 copies/first edition, 24 copies/special edition

-too powerful a thing to reject, 2010, 90 copies/first edition, 19 copies/deluxe hardcover

and there you have it... appreciate away!
bill, those two belong to ME but i will still probably need jordan's permission to post photos... we'll see how shy he is.
well... i thought the bottom of this thread was as good a place as any to announce that we will be announcing three, count 'em THREE new titles in the next week. and all three will be affordable, too! (no super limited edition art books for a while...) i'll start separate threads for them, but it's always good to get the anticipation going a little bit ahead of time.
I see there's something missing from your list: A Bibliographic Checklist of the First One Chance Press Publication.

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