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Sold Charles Bukowski – 1978 LP "Hello. It's Good To Be Back." - with poster (1 Viewer)


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Charles Bukowski – 1978 German LP - Hello. It's Good To Be Back.

Clean, excellent copy, includes the 36" x 24" poster originally issued with the LP (scarce!).

Release: 1978, LP Zweitausendeins
Recording notes: Live reading in Hamburg, Germany, May 5, 1978

Hot Dog
An Observer
You Can't Make A Lion Out Of A Butterfly
Some People
The White Poets
The Black Poets
Looking For A Job
The Life Of Borodin
Another Academy
I Met A Genius
The Bones Of My Uncle
The Fisherman
When Hugo Wolf Went Mad
Footnote Upon The Construction Of The Masses
The Flower Lover
Love & Fame & Death
I've Always Had Trouble With Money
The Place Didn't Look Bad
One For The Shoeshine Man
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