Charles Bukowski Broadsides

Well, blame it on something other than my stupidity or Bukowski-centeredness if you can. I missed the non-Bukowski part of Jason's post. That makes perfect sense. And Summer of 1971 sounds really good right now.
#1 Diane Wakoski
#3 Stephen Stepanchev
#4 Paul Blackburn
#5 Clayton Eshleman
#6 Wakoski

Hank did the rest in the "series." I have always considered these to be promotional material like prospectuses and have never encountered a separate prospectus for one of the titles in the "series."

Finding these things unfolded is tough and I'd love to frame the ones for Hank's books but that is a lot of cheddar, especially because mine are unsigned. I just can't seem to pull the trigger. Those in possession of early prospectuses like Post Office, Days, etc., I am very jealous.

I've only got two of the promotional flyers that are unfolded; neither of which is signed:
1. Play the Piano Drunk flyer #8
2. A somewhat dogeared and sunned flyer #11 for Bring Me Your Love for the Canadian Brown & Company publication.

As for the early prospecti:







Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I bought and sold 4 Another Academy's because they were so common at one point not so long ago (around $175 to $250). A deep regret now that I can't find one. It'll probably be as expensive as Curtains and 2 By Bukowski now. I think it's a very nicely produced piece.
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