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So I'm just looking for some information on this piece. I paid $8 on eBay and am quite happy with that purchase... its a nice little piece with a great cover and it was published Feb 2001... but that's about all I know. Was there a hardcover edition? A limitation?

Anyone else have one and enjoy it? I love little ephemera pieces like this...

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Its a little booklet put out by Black Sparrow in 2001. It contains a brief text about Bukowski written by Jack Saunders. Its not really a biography or a memoir.

In fact, Saunders recycled the text in his book, 'Bukowski Never Did This: A Year in the Life of an Underground Writer and His Family'.

Go over to Amazon and read pages 9, 10 and 11. That's the text of the BSP booklet right there (from "If you go in a bookstore..." to "Lickspittles ran for cover").

Or you can read the same text, and more of 'Bukowski Never...' on Saunders' own The Daily Bulletin site.

Here's the cover of the BSP booklet:

Charles Bukowski Jack Saunders.jpg
I thought I was going to get into Saunders a lot more than I actually did. The Bukowski book attracted me, of course, and I enjoyed reading Forty. But once I started reading his ongoing online books (linked by hank above) I lost interest. The kitchen sink postmodernism lost my interest after a while. Anyone think any of the other available stuff is worth checking out?
I never got into Saunders. Plus he sends submissions to small presses and then writes about the people that reject him, using their real names, which is a bit off putting. Nothiing mean or slanderous, just a bit creepy.


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