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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
I'm looking forward to read Calonnes' new book.

Congrats, David!


Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Reaktion Books (1 Aug 2012)
  • Language English
I'm definitely looking forward to it!

August 1st is earlier than expected which is damn cool! This makes it possible to have copies at our symposium in August - where, by the way, David will attend and speak!
It was a real pleasure to listen to David speak a couple of years back. I can still see his hand waving in the air while humming a classical piece.
I just finished reading David Calonne's book on Bukowski in the "Critical Lives" series published by Reaktion Press. It's a short narrative (about 180 pages) that took me only a few days to complete (I'm a slow reader, often distracted by the impulse to take notes) ... it has a focus on Bukowski's writing and left me wanted to get back to several of Bukowski's pieces of prose, particularly ... I highly recommend it ...

My only complaint about David Calonne's book on Bukowski is that he opted to not mention that Bukowski's novel Women went into a second edition that undid the editorial "amendments" to the text introduced by the editor John Martin ... given how Bukowski seemed to be looking forward to the novel's publication (as mentioned by Calonne), I would have thought that this glitch, if I can put it this way, would have been important to mention ... one wonders how it affected the relationship between Bukowski and Martin ... anyway, the book is still a great read in my eyes and I'm genuinely glad that I took a bit of a break from my intended reading to quickly give it a try ... cheers, DaP
I like that this was mentioned in the review too. "Thankfully the reader is sparred a discussion of his many posthumous works."

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