Charles Bukowski did what? (1 Viewer)


what fun!

why'd they chose Bukowski?
"[...] most very good creators have little or no politics."
(from: 'Portions...', p. 46)

Has ANYone of you a ripper to download this video? - and can share?
Can you blame him for not leaving the grave to vote? Look what happened another time Buk didn't leave bed to vote.

Here's the poem as best as I can make out:

Upon the landslide
victory of Richard Nixon

this piece (place?) arrives everywhere at once
let's take count of the dead days and the dead men
as the imperfect past and the imperfect future crawl twinlike.

softgut shit of rosary dreams
come get your pellucid underhooks your electrocuted storks
Bengali mammas

we have grown down.

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