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hey michael.. here's a just-made blog abt my forthcoming Buk Book EPIC GLOTTIS from silverbirchpress.. Sat., June 30, i'll be reading at a Buk Bash w/others at Grand Performances in LA : Dan Fante, Harry Dean Stanton.. Rebecca DeMornay, Jack Grapes, Gerald Locklin..

and doing a reading tour in UK: July 5 appearing (with Fred Voss) at the Humber Mouth Lit Festival in Hull, England and July 13, appearing with Fred at the Betsey Trotwood, an olde Victorian pub in Central London

love to you and all the buk fans!
Really enjoyed reading that excerpt Ponder and look forward to the book, but was puzzled a bit by her not being able to do a thesis on the poet as an entertainer? why not, that is their origins; the Troubadours of the 11th and 12th century did just that, all across Europe, read poems, played insrtuments, sang. A lot of it was just as bawdy as Bukowski's poetry . Fizzled out with the Black Death as you can imagine, but still, how could they have dismissed her desire to research it.

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