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I don't know if this is old news but I just stumbled over the documentary, "Charles Bukowski In Hamburg 1978 & 'I'm Still Here'" on Youtube. It's in nine parts, and it was uploaded on June, 11, 2010, so it's fairly new. It's in German, but there's interesting footage of Buk in Hamburg, so for that reason alone it's worth watching.
Here is the link to part one:

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The Hamburg-thing will be shown on August 20 in Andernach.

By the way:
the maker of that docu, Thomas Schmitt, also made another Buk-docu 'East Hollywood 1976' and Pam has some appearences in it.
By the way:
the maker of that docu, Thomas Schmitt, also made another Buk-docu 'East Hollywood 1976' and Pam has some appearences in it.

I would love to watch that docu some time! I remember the few clips from it in "Born Into This".
Wow thanks a lot there are some parts I never seen before !
The whole thing was a documentary on a german culture channel called einsfestival some weeks ago.
The DVD does'nt seem to be available at at the moment, but it hopefully will be at some point.
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This, according to Google Translate, is the description in English:

"Year 2012: year of production in 1978 and 2011. 4:3. Running time 78 minutes. Language: German Stereo, Charles Bukowski interview in English with German subtitles. Bukowski, 1978 in Hamburg (reading in the market)! Fans of the film material on this Dirty Old Man have been waiting for. In addition, this DVD exclusive private recordings, the 70th at Bukowski's Birthday with him came at home. Closer than Thomas Schmitt Bukowski himself was only the text of the DVD cover."

So, from this I gather Bukowski got lucky on his birthday.
Amazon (Germany) as well as 'Zweitausendeins' have it in their catalogue now, but seem to be unable to deliver at the moment.

I don't know about the deals or this production in particular, but it seems to be a combination of the well known docu by Thomas Schmitt from 1978 ("It's good to be back") plus his shorter docu from 1990 ("I'm still here"). Both are well worth viewing. I'll try to get these DVDs from Schmitt to sell them at the bukowski-shop. (only a few years ago, I've paid him 30.-EUR [each!] for a copy of these documentaries. Hell!)
I believe I've seen both docus, if I remember correctly, but it would be nice having them on DVD and be able to watch them on a TV screen in a good resolution.
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[...] both docus [...]
there's even a third - to be exact: it was the FIRST by Schmitt! (sure got this one and 've paid 30.- for this one too!)
Made in East-Hollywood 1976, including appearances by Pam AND his famous reading of 'The Shower' with tears.

(yes, babies: it's a most interesting fact, that he's doing this reading of the poem way after the final split with Linda K., but - as he's stating in this docu just before reading the poem - right after a (temporary?) split with Pam! - so, even though he's reading a poem about L.K., he may have P.M. (now W.) in mind while reading. Or BOTH. Or the loss of ALL the loves he had and we had and one had or has. Or Jane. .......
I have'nt seen the third one, except from the excerpts we saw in "Born Into This", which included Buk reading "The Shower" and some footage of Pam. It would be great getting to watch the rest of the docu.
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If anyone would like to order this now from Zweitausendeins, here's a voucher to save 10% on the DVD price (one whole Euro). Remember the DVD will be PAL and probably Region 2.

The coupon is valid until 31 August 2012. You can pay with Paypal.

Their shipping charges can be checked here (briefly: to most of Europe 9.50 €, to USA 22 €)

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