Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
March 09 2014, 20 years after,
Joan Jobe Smith, Fred Voss, Dan Fante, S.A. Griffin, Suzanne Lummis at the King Eddy Saloon.

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S.A. seems to be doing a tribute to John Martin, as he kicks off his set with Democracy.

Bukowski had a version of that poem that he called, the other day i saw a man reading the Wall Street Journal as if it did contain something... Bukowski's version doesn't contain the word 'democracy,' and it talks about a big explosion as a "cure," swallowing up everything, which must have frightened Martin since he changed the big explosion to a "political solution."

Then the neutered the history of a tough motherfucker.

Then another Martin poem...

Ah, but only an Internet chatroom fanboy would care about such unimportant details, so carry on with the celebration. All's normal here.
Indeed, mjp, the re-writing is catastrophic. Thanks for pointing it out. S.A. starts reading Democracy at 42:26. Below is the original manuscript with a totally different title and the martinized version, which became Democracy.

the problem, of course, isn't the Democratic system,
it's the
living parts which make up the Democratic System.
the next person you pass on the street, multiply
him or
her by
3 or 4 or 30 or 40 million
and you will know
why things remain non-functional
for most of

I wish I had a cure for the chess pieces
we call Humanity. . .

we've undergone any number of political

and we all remain
foolish enough to hope
that the one on the way
will cure almost

fellow citizens.
the problem never was the Democratic
System, the problem is
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fuck him. it gives me a pain in my chest to read those.

hopefully he'll meet bukowski in hell and get his ass kicked...

edit - sorry to be so melodramatic but it just kills me to know his work is being fucked with like that.
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