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CBMDC Amsterdam Chapter

Thanks Ponder, for sharing this.
It inspired me (OK, I stole the idea...) to start an Amsterdam Chapter of the CBMDC.
First night is 9th of march, no coincidence of course.
Already 20 people responded with enthousiasm.
We'll see... (in Dutch)


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Prior knowledge of Bukowski's work is not required, and is in fact, discouraged

I found that rule a bit weird, but funny too. A Buk drinking club where knowledge of his work is discouraged...:D
Already marked on my calender. I live this club myself on a daily basis. "I only loved one woman and, unlike all the others, she was the only one who never demanded or asked for the spoken word of it. And even over her grave I said nothing, not even in my head, but the sunlight knew and my shoelaces and........"

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