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If you have always wanted copies of the 1979 Vancouver and 1980 Redondo Beach Bukowski readings on LP, your dreams have come true. Rejoice, oh ye lovers of the snap, crackle and pop, and inferior aural experience that is the mighty LP! Though I suspect the majority of those LPs will never be opened or heard, but rather filed away as "collectors' items."

But yes, apparently it is actually happening, according to the brave and fearless men who brought us the DVD versions of those readings. I don't know when, and I can't find any information on the company that is doing the release, but I suppose we'll hear details soon.

Yes, the Redondo Beach reading has been available forever on the Hostage LP, but that release left out the poem, "The Beast." Though LP technology has not changed, so I'm not sure if/how the new LPs will be stretched to fit the entire readings.
how the new LPs will be stretched to fit the entire readings
I have some (and that surely goes for you too) old bootlegs from pre-internet-times. Back then, they've managed to press LPs with a playtime of ca 1 hour, but the sound quality got even worse, so I don't think, that's an option.

I feel they'll have to make double-albums which makes for nice cover-art.


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Yeah, overall quality suffers when that groove doesn't have room to breathe. Most of what you loose when you add time to an LP are low frequencies, so spoken word might be one of the only things that supports a longer run time on an LP.

But at the end of the day it's still an LP, so it's like discussing which is better for shaving your face, a machete or an axe.

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