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Sold Charles Bukowski Photogravures from Michael Montfort negatives (1 Viewer)

I have a number of photogravures that are trial proofs and unsigned, from the editions I did with Michael Montfort. I'm thinking of letting them go VERY cheaply. $20/each. Let's see if there's any interest here. It is this image, but without Michael's signature - only my signature, and not numbered. Feel free to call me if interested, 310/577-9146. I also have three more sets of the signed edition. But that will set you back $1000 each. And frankly, I'm not all that eager to let them go anyhow. Especially now that Michael is no longer with us. His set disappeared, so now all that's left of the edition are my three sets.

did they all sell? duh. its been 3 years. I just joined the forum. BTW , do you know? was this a Montfort photo? or do you know who took it? Thanks

bukowski-foto-24 copy.jpg
That's not a Montfort photo, but (legally) we don't know who took it. It's a part of the infamous "Refrigirator Session" performed by Ulvis Alberts and Joan Gannij and (allegedly*) we don't know who was the boss and who was the assistant back then.
*the Supreme Court decided they both had held the (same) camera that day (?!?)

Read more about it here.

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