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Charles Bukowski Posters (1 Viewer)


Im a swedish fan of Buskowsi and now im looking for a nice poster (of Bukowsi) that I can put on my empty wall.

I've been googling for some time and haven't found any good sites that provide good posters.

The Size should be around 25x35 inches / 65x90 cm.
The price i'm willing to spend is about $60 and $100.

I would be grateful if someone could help me out.


I believe that the ever reliable Mr Roberts can supply an original poster like this:


They are limited editions, signed by the photographer, Ulvis Albert.

Very reasonable I'm sure. And a much better item than those on ebay :)

If you wait a while, he'll probably be able to post here if he has any left...
Okay, with two cups of coffee in me I can now function.

The size is approximately 18" x 24". Price: $75.00 + postage.

This is not a fine art print... it's a promotional piece issued in 1978 and is collectible (and pretty rare... there's only one copy on ABE in lesser condition for $129.00). Printed offset on a relatively light-weight paper and folded twice (as issued).

womenposter (Custom).jpg
I probably have one or two left, but if you are in Europe, it may be better if I contact Ulvis and let him sell you one. If you can wait until he gets back to Latvia, the postage would probably be less....

thanks for your help.

hank solo : how do i get in touch with Ulvis Albert? Or do I just order from Mr Roberts?
Chronic that's not the one im looking for, but thank you anyway.

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