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On eBay now Charles Bukowski signed ORIGINAL poem manuscript


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In 25 years I've only seen three or four Charles Bukowski poem manuscripts for sale that were not carbon copies. The rest of them are in museums. This is one of them - an original typescript with white-out correction and signature. This manuscript is not the usual carbon copy he sent to magazines and his publisher. On an original, you can see the lines or dots from the typewriter ribbon in the open spaces of the round letters. On a carbon, those lines or dots become indistinct gray spots (compare the provided close-up images to see the difference).

In 1968 Bukowski started making carbon copies when he typed poems, and he kept the original top sheet (like this one) for his files. This is an extremely rare opportunity to own one of the very, very few original typescripts that have ever made it to market, which is why the price is higher than what you might find for a typical 1983 poem manuscript (but still low for an original typescript).

Make Bukowski's mistake the crown jewel of your collection.
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