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Charles Bukowski signed photograph (1 Viewer)

I don't know if it was signed in person in Pedro, but it is probably authentic.

Does anyone here own one of these and can they confirm that the signature was not pre-printed?

I can't speak to whether it's a printed signature or a true signature, but the script pattern is genuine to me. Almost impossible to know if it's a pen or a facsimile of a signature from a photo. But I'm guessing you knew that already.
I've seen countless items signed by Buk but never recall seeing a plain autographed picture... strange...

I've seen a few versions of this particular photo signed. Maybe one of the bookstores were giving them away when he was there for an appearance or something.

I do know someone who has this same photograph legitimately signed and they told me they got it years ago from Red Stodolsky.
i have one. it's authentic, but i don't think this seller had it signed personally. i know buk signed a stack of them for someone back in the day. i even recall seeing a picture of buk sitting at a table, posing for a picture, and you can clearly see the stack in front of him. i'll see if i can dig up that pic...
Does anyone here own one of these and can they confirm that the signature was not pre-printed?
Red sold those photos - signed - at his book store. It's legit. Not printed.

But the seller's story about getting it signed in Pedro is not. He wouldn't have access to an unsigned print. Unless he was the photographer or something. Possible I guess, but improbable.
It's kind of like the O J Simpson murder trial, with the L.A. cops framing a guilty man by tampering with the evidence.
This is THE place to check out questionable Bukowski listings. Truth is that those forgeries that have been listed over the years have had a lot of discussion on this forum. Nothing gets by us...

Well I tried getting this but it went too high. I stopped when it got past $150. Maybe next time.

Do any of you know were I can find another signed photograph like this one of Buk?

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