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Charles Bukowski - The Drowning Now Available (1 Viewer)


Hi All,
The letterpressed broadside from Charles Bukowski titled "the drowning" is now available as part of Bottle 5. This is a letterpressed poem, set in hand-set type and tipped into card covers. The poem itself has not ever had separate publication and has only appeared once, in "The Southern Poetry Review" in 1965. This is the only way to get this poem without tracking down that magazine from 42 years ago (I have not been able to locate a copy.)




These broadsides are only available in the full release of Bottle and are not available for sale outside of the set. These are available in two different editions. The regular edition is with a red cover (as shown) is $25. The deluxe edition is in tan covers and is $150. Otherwise the content is the same. The deluxe ediition is signed by all living contributors on their individual broadsides. In addition, the deluxe edition has an original linocut by Marc Snyder mounted to the cover.

There are many great writers included in this issue. The full list follows:

David Barker
Charles Bukowski
Dave Church
Christopher Cunningham
John Dorsey
Dan Fante
Amanda Fleming
S.A. Griffin
Robert Head
Tom Kryss
Jake Marx
Hosho McCreesh
Ann Menebroker
Robert Miltner
Owen Roberts
Larry Smith
Marc Snyder
Kent Taylor
Jeffrey H. Weinberg

This issue of Botle is the most involved to-date and the reason that I have not been my usual self in regards to replying to e-mail and in sending out packages in a timely manner. The regular edition is ready to ship, but the deluxe edition is still about a week away (I'm waiting on some of the broadsides to be signed). Please PM me and I'll send you an invoice (with postage), or visit the website (www.bospress.net) to order with Paypal, etc...

Thanks for your time.

Bottle of Smoke Press

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