Charles Bukowski Timeline - now in print (1 Viewer)

out now: "Charles Bukowski Timeline"
A special publication of the Bukowski-Society in cooperation with & Michael J. Phillips
56 pages, 12 €
ISBN 978-3-87512-323-4


"This is presented as the most comprehensive and reliable source on life and work of the author Charles Bukowski today; put together over a period of 14 years by members of the forum at where the online-version of this timeline is perpetually enhanced and verified."
o.k., kids, you can now buy this piece.
Shipping to the US for up to 2 copies (=500g) makes 3,70 EUR.
So, one book incl shipping makes approx 19.- USD.
(2 books incl. shipping make about 33.-USD)

You do not need to buy a physical copy if you're just after the data - I will post the PDF of it for free in a couple of weeks.

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