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Great article, and it makes me glad that Bukowski didn't use a computer all his life, or we wouldn't know half of what we know about how he worked, and we (probably) wouldn't have the books of letters.

His computer is still in San Pedro, not at the Huntington, but eventually it should be archived somewhere and examined the way Birmingham suggests.
JD usually writes great stuff. His site is a well of info for sure, especially when it comes to W. Burroughs.

I did not see any computer related material at The Huntingon, so it's probably at the San Pedro address.

On Christmas Day, 1990, Charles Bukowski received a Macintosh IIsi computer and a laser printer from his wife, Linda.

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Ponder - Thanks for the thread merge, because somehow I missed this one the first time around.

Between Mr. Upper-Class Intellectual Fancy Pants and Mr. Blue-Collar Beer Can College Dropout, who could have guessed which one would embrace the changing technology available to writers ? Ha !

"Natural guts defeating natural talent" anyone ?
You might notice that despite his cynical bluster, he always embraced new technology: cable TV, electric typewriter, computer, fax. That either means he was very open minded or he was actually - perish the thought - a hopeful person underneath all the cynicism.
recently, v.s.naipaul expressed his admiration for the kindle. but then, naipaul is very pro-civilization.

wonder what bukowski would have said about the kindle.

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