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This is the first fully letterpress-printed book from my press. A LOT of work went into this... 32 pages of amazing paper, imported from Germany. Sewn paperbacks are left, all other editions sold out on rumor of this release... Oh, yeah, the poem is AMAZING.

Ready to ship the paperbacks Thursday with the hardcovers and clamshells about a week behind that...

Charles Plymell - Tent Shaker Vortex Voice
Poetry. 32pp, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches.
The cover is letterpress printed on Fabriano Tiziano paper in 4 colors from a design by Charles Plymell. The text is printed letterpress on Hahnemuhle Bugra paper. Limited to an edition of 136 signed copies; 100 sewn in wraps, 26 hardcover copies & 10 Deluxe copies in clamshell. Only the sewn paperback edition is still available.

There are more new books to be released very soon. Things are moving along here in Dover....

Better photos coming soon...


..and yes, that cover is letterpress printed in 4 colors with perfect registration.... Not an easy thing to do especially while birthing a 6mm kidney stone...

That multi-colored, perfect registration cover is bananas, man. Second the motion in re: NO END IN SIGHT!
Thanks! Funny thing is that the plates are expensive and we were not sure if the black (the last run) would cover too much. You cannot tell until you have printed all of both other runs It was a lot of work printing and then I did the black and POOF. Loved it. The black was perfect. The final run was handset metal type for the name/title, so I was sure that I could make that work...

Another worry is that all it takes if one plate being slightly off and you will not know until the end when you have already spent 8 hours printing. Luckily, Ray at Lead Graffiti helps me and my plates are always perfect. I could not to this part on my own.


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Charley sent this scan of his copy of Bring Me Your Love. Thought that you would dig it. Wish that I could get Crumb to sign a book to me like that! Charley printed ZAP #1 with Crumb in it back in 1968.

Wow, that's pretty cool! I would'nt mind getting Crumb to sign me a book like that either. Any Crumb book for that matter (preferably a hard cover). Unfortunately, it's too late to get Buk to join in.

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thanks for the books Bill. I think my girlfriend is questioning how I could afford your books, Michael's WUD, and a Blackheath Books title all in the same week- I should have got you to stagger the deliveries.

Both this and Krech's book are beautiful and I can't wait to find the time to give them the attention they deserve. The wait was definitely worth it.

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