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Founding member - Looks like HarperCollins took over the domain name last May. I hadn't noticed until I got email from them today with the link in it.

Black Sparrow let the domain go at the end of 2002, I figured the next owner would keep picking up the pennies he was earning off the amazon links. I would have thought he would try to sell it to HarperCollins, but it looks like they picked it up after it lapsed.

I should have been watching that fucker! ;)
Yeah, does'nt matter. People soon find out that is where it's at. Where all the true fans meet...
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Not really necessary to add to given facts. (I'm talking about the posts above, sure.)
but it might help comíng over the frustration, to hear it once again:
There's No Need for any other domain! The place to be is here (and here only).
[btw, 've got the mail from the HC-Author-Tracker too, but didn't see any link to the dom you mentioned. Where is it?]

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