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Sorry if this has been posted before..i'm new

Is there a site where i can read Buk's entire novels...At the moment i'm broke and can't afford to purchase all his writings...I'm a cheap bastrad i know...any help would be great...cheers
Thanks mate....

I usually collect books it's just i really am soooo broke at the moment.My money goes on other things like....ummm booze...;)

Wow..these links are great..thanks again..:D

I'm currently reading Ham on Rye from the link above.

Just wondering,is it the entire book?I scrolled down to the end of the page and it just ends.The reason i ask is,it seems extremely short.

Any help....
Oh ok thanks again....Loving it so far.Wish i had read it ages's great to read about Henry as a child.Geez his father was a prick wasn't he??
Hahaha This really is a great piece of literature.

I keep finding my self laughing out loud.I'll finish this in the next hour for sure.Can't stop reading it.Except to check back at the forum of course ;)
Yeah i've tried a few around my area,haven't found shit yet.Even at my local library,the Bukowski books are always out.I own Factotum,Women and Post Office.Just want to get the rest eventually.

Any links to Post Office or women???
Ryan - go to Readings bookstore in Lygon Street in Carlton. They always have Bukowski books in there. Spend the whole day there reading until your heart's content, or until they boot you out

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