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cheap buk books at bookcloseouts (1 Viewer)

Dang, either those were really limited or lots of people went in and snapped them up. It looks like all the older Sparrow titles are gone now.
Thanks a lot. All of my books by and about Bukowski, over 100, are either used, remaindered, ex-library or cheap paperback versions.
FYI and caveat emptor - I picked up a few of these that were sold as Black Sparrow, but they are Ecco remainders.
well shit...can you return them? I've ordered from them before (mostly music books) but never had to return anything.
Nah, it was only $18, not worth the trouble to return. Just wanted to point out that they might list something as a Sparrow edition, but it's probably not.
anybody know if that living on luck is actually a hardcover?
what a dumb question. nobody would know. if it isnt i'm going to return it.
What do you mean by saying that a copy of a book is a remainder? I don't think I've seen the term in the time I've spent reading about Bukowski's work here.
A remainder is usually a book that was shipped to a bookshop but was unsold so returned to the publisher for resale or pulping. These books are usually marked in some way, such as by drawing across the page edges with a marker pen. So they aren't going to be perfect for the collector, but will often be cheap as a result.
I bought a bunch of books from Powell's website before I moved out to Portland and added an addendum at the end of my order to hold it if the books didn't say "Black Sparrow Press" on the spine... so I know the pain of finding a great deal, but getting screwed in the end...

Ah well, the hunt is the best part of the whole thing.

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