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Check out Auctiva, 4 books, I just scheduled to be sold (1 Viewer)

No reserve! You are a madman. I hope this works out for you, but the eBay market is soft for Bukowski stuff right now. Good luck.
nymark said:
You are a madman.
And an idiot!
I left out the signed photos on 3 of the items! :(
And can not for the life of me
Seem to add them to the listings:confused:

Anyone here familiar with Auctiva?
Hmm, I could help you with regular auction listings, but I don't have a clue how Auctiva works.
I like auctiva.com
Tho it takes some getting used to.
It's a free service, with funky templates
Free scheduled auctions
And up to 15 pics for free.
Geez, I sound like a Rep,....
But I can't be
And on e-bay, I can go to the items,
click 'revise'
Then there is no "Edit your pictures link"
Erik: Is Auctiva totally free? Are their higher charges on sales? Just wondering why everyone wouldn't use the heightened graphics and selling tools on all their e-bay items if it is all free?
Yeah, totally free......
Except the little glitch where they offer your buyer insurance on the item...
I don't have to pay insurance on the item then when I mail it,
But I have to pay Auctiva (a nominal fee).
Buy then my buyer has to pay them and so do I, so they do make out.
I think the buyer feels more rest-assured.....
And I like the carousel-thing of all my items for sale.

I didn't know about them until someone turned me on...,
Same with the whole sniping-concept.
Though not knowing about sniping is much easier to understand,
Any item I have where I list with Auctiva has their 'stamp' on it somewhere,
The sniped goodies I win,
Well, that isn't made public :>

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