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hi there,

thanks for this excellent buk site, i hope i can bring some good stuff for you as well.

i'm a huge buk fan from brazil. you know he's very popular down here, although his books are obviously better to read in english and not translated to portuguese (some translators seem to try to "improve" on things - no comments...)

i was just thinking about something mjp wrote up there, of two poems with similar stories on them. there's a classic scene on "ham on rye" when chinasky fights with becker on a temple st. small hotel and runs away almost killing a little oriental guy. i found a very similar scene in a short story of his, slighlty different though, but DAMN i can't find it now... it is somewhere... i remember reading it and thinking "hey, i've seen this before"... anyway, i'll be back.

all the best. angus
welcome from Brazil, Angus.

that's very common in B. he used to tell the same story in different places, sometimes in a poem, then in a short story and then again in the chapter of a novel. or first in a short story, then in a novel and finally in a poem.
Or in a poem, an interview, a short story, a novel, at a party, in a screenplay and at a reading. ;) He got a lot of mileage out of certain stories.

What I was thought was interesting about the two poems here was the word for word recycling of the lines. Not so much that he re-used them, but more like a realization that he must have pulled his copies out from time to time to use bits of them in new work.
just thinking

that maybe this "reusing" (I don't know if that is the correct term, but...) of a story in different formats, etc., has to do with the way the unconscious mind works, i.e., just like dreams have their own time.

bullshit? bla... just hungover, sorry.

by the way, i thought about a suggestion for this site. there's a cool literture site that i enjoy a lot called and they have a section called "action poetry" where all member post their poems and comment on it. it is fun and sometimes you get to read (or write! he!) really cool stuff.

all the best, angus
Yeah, no offense to anyone, but I don't want to post any (non-Bukowski) poetry on the site.

Unless we did a thread similar to the annual "Bad Hemingway" contest. ;) Have people submit purposely awful imitations of Bukowski's style and themes. That could be good for a laugh.

Now that I think of it, we could even press release that and get a flock of newbies in the forums here...hmmm...

On second thought, that sounds like work. Forget it. At least the press release part.

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