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Hey Everyone -

There is a lit-event happening next Sunday 8/27/06 in the city - the Chicago Poetry Festival. Its an outdoor gig from 2:00 to 7:00 P.M. with seven minutes to read your best material and (ahem).......I am proud to say they chose me.

To run the P.A. system.

No - just kidding. I really was chosen. And you can read all about it here

and see my frighteningly-evident Irish looks and my utter lack of professional photography on the Day Two Schedule. - Thank God Sandra Morin thinks so too - We have matching digi-cam shots as opposed to the "established poets" with their professionalism and shit.

Day Two - Set 3
Poetry Fest

please pardon this
but wanted all to know
about Poetry Fest 2006.

Love to all
I am proud to say they chose me.

To run the P.A. system.
Ha ha -

Since PEACE TREE D doesn't look Irish, you must be Dave Donovan! You've outed yourself.


I think we have some other users in the area, maybe they will show up and heckle - er, support you!

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