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Yeah Olaf mentioned that place once.

I think there are a few bars around the globe with a Bukowski theme.

Maybe Sean Penn and Bono could start a chain - Planet Bukowski :rolleyes:
This was brought up a while back in another thread, but there are two Bukowski Taverns in the Boston area; one in Boston near the Prudential Center and another in Inman Square, Cambridge. I've been to the Boston one a couple of times; decent beer selection.

I frequented the Cambridge location for a while; this one has a mural with Buk and related images: a typer, poem extracts, etc. Food is OK; they do make a mean bloody mary here. For a while, this place began to annoy me, as the music became too loud (and nothing that Buk would like), so I stopped going.

It's under new management now, so I've made it back a few times.
High point: More than 70 bourbons to choose from ;)

Who would want bourbon in Scotland?
Maybe it's more for the locals-;) if I were Scottish I would never admit that any of my countrymen drank bourbon. White Russians are Okay, but not bourbon.

JP thanks for the pictures a links.
Glasgow needs a bar called C.F. Gundy's

C.F. Gundy was formally known as "Cow Fucker Gunderson", a professional alcoholic and medical stunt-baby. Picture the actor Victor McGlagen (The Quiet Man) with dyed red hair, and a head full of blotter acid, and there you have C.F. Gundy.

He would bark and whistle, roll his eyes and quote Jackie Gleason whilst jammed to the gills on whatever anyone would feed him.

I have no idea where the Cow Fucker thing came from, but he was a marvel of science, and a fixture at a seaside bar I once called home.

Glasgow, sure, why not?
I run pubs and seriously considered having a Bukowski themed pub/bar. I eventually came to the conclusion it's something Bukowski would have hated.
Yes, I did mention it, I have only been once, and it was really good, but it is quite a posh pub, despite the bukowski poster with the whore, it was all business types and 'professional's.

I agree that Bukowski would have hated having pub, marketed on his persona, but he's gone, and no he is indeed a marktable commodity. Sadly.

I went in there they day I got my book of poetry printed off. I got drunk and talking to a guy. Turns out he was a journalist from the Hearld. I ended up giving him one of the first copies of my book. It was completely welcome and unepxected.

I haven't heard anything from him.
I didn't expect too.
I run pubs and seriously considered having a Bukowski themed pub/bar. I eventually came to the conclusion it's something Bukowski would have hated.

i think Bukowski would've hated this website, and the documentary about him, too. doesn't mean we can't still hero worship a little bit.

i just don't like themed bars too much, and a theme for one man seems a bit much. maybe "theme" a bar after his time in L.A.--a divey place with cheap drinks and shitty music on the box. call it "Old L.A." or "Hank's L.A." or whatever.

there aren't as many dives as their used to be. shit, i don't even know if their are any in walking distance to me. i should look into that. their usually quieter and pour stronger drinks. hmmm...

shit, i'm calling myself out on this one. i'm only 28--i have no fucking CLUE how many dives their used to be.
but some of the divey places i've been to, the ones that weren't dives on purpose to appeal to a hipster, weren't all that bad.

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