Chinese Gucci by Hosho McCreesh

With a little over a month until the book's official release, now seems like the right time to share this.


The special editions of my first novel, Chinese Gucci, are available now. As far as a pitch goes: call it a 21st Century The Catcher in the Rye in Juarez, Mexico, and the kid at the center of the book hustling fake designer purses via eBay in his ignorant, cheapjack version of the American Dream.

There's 26 snazy, lettered collage-cover hardbacks (6 remain), and 50 numbered trade paperback editions (20 left) that come with a mini-collage bookmark.

If interested, you can ORDER HERE.

For shits and giggles, here's a grip of TIME-LAPSE VIDEOS of collages being made, and BLURB VIDEOS featuring early reactions to the book from some super-talented folks. Thanks for checking it out.


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I was lucky enough to get to read this early.

Excellent read. Darkly funny. Fantastic main character, a mix of Ignatius J. Reilly and HST.

Better get some.

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So exciting Hosh. I hope you get a push cart prize or whatever attention and accolades it deserves (a lot!). Staying power is what I hope most for you.

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
got it and sending the book to my NJ friend to avoid the shipping costs to Can, higher than the cost of the book. :-))
Can't wait for that one, a novel by Hosho!
I am a cheap shit like that.

esart -- I suppose, to get a Pushcart, I'd first have to nominate myself...but I'm not so sure I will. Honestly, I was kind of a pain in the ass to work with, and I guess I just worry that I'd let it all go to my head.

Black Swan -- Yes, postage is highway robbery, as there's no longer an International media rate. If anyone knows the cheapest way to mail books overseas, I'd love to hear what it is -- as it's certainly impacting sales. But thanks for finding a way to get a book -- you're a doll!

For anyone waking up to daylight saving -- why not waste your extra hour on THIS PODCAST. It's a wide-ranging affair that swings from politics and just how sick I am of old white men, through vanity and ambition, eventually landing on how I came to write and eventually publish this beast. I'm told it will change your life...a lot of people are saying so...and we all know they could say that on the internet if it wasn't true.


But I much prefer the green room craft services with your productions.
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Then get out there and do the damn thing."

Did u find the name Akira from the movie?

I know of the famous anime, but haven't watched it. I actually know an Akira...the brother of a friend's wife. My brother and I spent a couple fun nights taking in the spots with him in Tokyo. There's a poem or two about it in THIRST. He's nothing like the character Akira...just to be clear!


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
God damn. Santa came early this year. Hosho McCreesh. You rock. Some day we will get a chance to drink beers in the same bar at the same time. Fuck yeah. I need to make dinner for the boys, make myself a drink & go read a good book. Thank u man.


Thank YOU for following my work, and banging the drum on my behalf. I see it, and I appreciate it.

Glad the book made it safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

As to the someday/bar thing -- yes, I certainly hope so!


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Loving the book so far. Keep pausing to ask myself, "Hmm...What's this prick gonna do next?" There's a great flow to the writing. It's unpretentious yet not dumbed down either.
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