Chinese translation on Bukowski

Hey, guys, amazing to find this website! Lots of gratitude to the founders!
I'm trying to translate Bukowski's poems into Chinese, however, some seems really hard to translate. I'm doing it for my own pleasure not for any profits, but the failure to grasp the true meaning of his words, also his wisdom and beauty really haunts me! I need help on a more refined translation, wonder if there is some Chinese readers who are better translators so that we can discuss about it. Or if you are native English speaker, and would like to lend help, I'd love to discuss some of the lines of the poems.

Wish myself good luck!
Haha...Li Po wrote in rather romantic style with wild imagination, while Du Fu, another poet in Tang Dynasty wrote more like Bukowski way....depicts the miserable reality

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Li Po and Bukowski surely shared a love for wine. There is actually a thread for Li Po in the forum with a few translations.